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SOCIO ECONOMIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE (SERI) is a voluntary organization registered as a public charitable trust under Indian Trust Act of 1882. Since its registration on 21st January 2004, the organization has been constantly making efforts to bring in the dynamic change to the life of the poor, destitute and the marginalized people.

With our main aims to mobilize youth as vibrant human resource for the overall development of weaker and marginalized sections of the Society, we have worked all day and night to ensure the success of our goals.

We have actively worked for the socio economic development, to fight the social injustice and exploitation and to remove the social disparities. For the purpose, our team of dedicated and committed young social workers, activists and volunteers have made remarkable contributions. With our focus on supporting the youth we strive to work hard among the weaker section such as landless labourers, marginal farmers, unemployed persons, street and migrant children, destitute women and the old age persons For the attainment of our objectives we have taken initiatives for the education, vocational training, women empowerment, primary health and the employment of such people.

Also our team has made the remarkable contributions towards the environmental issues, including the plantation in Himalayan Region (Assam and Uttarakhand), ecological conservation and restoration of biodiversity. Our health initiatives includes setting up the mobile health units, the patient transportation vans and organizing the general health camps for the deprived people, free of cost. Also, under process is the establishment of primary health centre in Bundelkh and Region (Lalitpur) and another one in western up (Amroha). The health centres will serve the SC’s, ST’s, Minorities, the poor and the marginalized communities and groups. For the education and vocational training SERI is running 3 different centres for the unemployed youth, the women, and the children from the marginalized and deprived groups, in Delhi, Lakhimpur (Assam) and Lalitpur (UP).

Also the Trust has been working for strengthening the Democracy and its institutions through workshops, awareness campaigns, empowerment programs and trainings. Keeping the constitutional ethos of a Secular, Democratic Republic, The SERI trust is serving the people irrespective of caste, colour and creed. We believe in just and equitable society and this can only be achieved through poverty alleviation, improvement in Community health, environment progression and employment generation, population control, formal and non-formal education, youth women & children development, welfare of SC/ST & OBC. To achieve this we are under the oath for a commitment and consolidated team effort along with the people’s participation.

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