Network Operation Center

Network Operation Center

Remote Infrastructure Monitoring

enova System through Remote Infrastructure Monitoring solution, provides a powerful, cost-effective network and server monitoring solution for networks of all sizes that installs, discovers and maps network connected assets.

We would provide automated, continuous, 24x7 availability and fault monitoring of SNMP enabled IT infrastructure. We would monitor IT components and transactions for specific events, threshold violations and errors/faults, based on pre-defined metrics. Remote monitoring service would automatically notify the customer or designated service provider/vendor when events defined by the customer are detected. Clients would have the option of choosing how problems are resolved and who would be responsible for solving them through the vendor management process of ours. Notification includes an escalation through the e-mails and tracking process as determined by the client, if required, through a web based help desk tool. We would analyze the connectivity to know the exact topology such we can point out not only when and where the problem has occurred but also can deduce the root cause effectively. Periodic availability and fault reports would be made available to the customers.

As, Security of the customer is of utmost importance to enova, various security measures have been taken up. These include connectivity using leased circuits and using firewalls for allowing only requisite data movement meant for monitoring. The role based access controls and information categorization is undertaken to protect the information of the customer to utmost level.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Network Asset Management | Topology Mapping | Availability Monitoring | Fault Management | Setting thresholds for Violations | Notification on threshold breach | Availability Reporting

Service Desk

Helpdesk Ticketing | Trouble ticket Analysis | Vendor escalation (Optional) | Trouble Ticket reporting

Business Benefits: Bottom Line Impact

Decreased Capex - Outsourcing the IT monitoring presents an attractive financial value proposition to enterprises as they can use their resources to focus on the core business.

Reduced Opex - Shared resource model cuts costs and increase productivity by eliminating the need to maintain in-house expertise.

Improved Operations - Eliminate the complexity of enterprise network management while helping improve network performance and availability.