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Aavya Logistics Services as a freight forwarder will typically function as intermediaries between the businesses that hire it, and various transport services responsible for getting their product to oversee customers, including carriers, handlers and customs officials. They will be dealing in Sea ,Air and Road transportation for export and import shipments as well as in domestic.

As diverse as we are, we are unified by the common goal to servicing our customers beyond their greatest expectations through innovation and creativity. Having the experience of more than 30 years in the fields of Freight Forwarding, the company philosophy has emphasized the importance of personal customer service with innovation and integrity. Over the years we have continually strived for excellence and achieved steady growth. Our success is due to constant emphasis on staff professionalism, coupled with innovative procedures and technology. Aavya Logistics Services is cooperating with worldwide agents network as long year partners supplement to own organization. Reliability, Loyalty, Close Relationships and connections to our customers are the most important concerns between TCT and their related partners. We guarantee individual and reliable services, flexible arrangements and competitive freight costs...

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